Personal Insurance Account Assessment

Account Assessment

Ericson Insurance Advisors can thoroughly assess your coverage program to ensure you are well protected.

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Annual Coverage Reviews

A review of your insurance coverage is a valuable exercise to keep up with changes in your personal situation and in insurance products. When was the last time your insurance program was reviewed? Our ongoing monitoring of your insurance program can be complemented with an in-depth review by the Ericson Insurance Advisors team. You may have made new purchases, or experienced other changes in your lifestyle. If so, your insurance coverage may need to be updated. A review can benefit you by helping us:

  1. Gaining a clearer understanding of your insurance program
  2. Identifying and insuring new acquisitions
  3. Eliminating coverages that are no longer necessary
  4. Closing any “gaps” in coverage
  5. Performing claims review and guidance
  6. Identifying potential premium credits

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