Personal Insurance

Coverage Approach

In its simplest terms, insurance is the transfer of risk that you do not wish to take.  For a price, that risk is transferred to an insurance company.  It is our job to identify and understand those risks you do not wish to take and find the contract, carrier, and price that best suits your needs.   While price is a very important part of the end recommendation, it is not the end all.

We will not present the lowest price if it does not meet the need. Our advisors are trained to ask the right questions to understand your needs and then, utilizing technology, market those needs with various carriers.  The end result is a recommendation tailored and sensible. Contact us to experience our process and learn why over 5,000 households trust Ericson.

Who We Serve

Ericson Insurance Advisors’ team of professionals has expertise in advising a clientele seeking high-level and objective insurance advice. Our goal is to manage risk, while preserving and protecting financial assets, with particular expertise in addressing the complex needs of high net worth clients. While affluent clients are a particular focus at Ericson Insurance Advisors, we work as trusted advisors with a wide range of clients. We guide all our clients through the world of insurance products and work closely and personally to design customized insurance portfolios that serve them best.