Business Insurance Risk Management

Account Assessment

To fully protect your business interests, it is vital to have a clear understanding of your business insurance needs. If you are new to Ericson Insurance Advisors, we recommend that you begin with our business risk assessment. If you are a current client, our review can help you keep abreast of any changes that may have an impact on your current insurance plan. For all our clients our goal is, to provide you with the knowledge and protection you need to fully secure your interests.

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We feel strongly that a proper insurance program cannot be implemented without a complete understanding of your unique operations. To that end, we undertake the following process:

Step 1 – Assessment:
Taking the time to learn about your business can be the difference between identifying a potentially crippling exposure and having a “gap” in your insurance coverage. A gap occurs when an exposure is overlooked and not contemplated in the final insurance program.

Step 2 – Program architecture:
Upon completion of the assessment, we develop a comprehensive insurance program and, now having specific knowledge of your business, can negotiate an appropriate premium with our carriers.

Step 3 – Implementation:
After presenting our findings to you, we will implement the insurance program.

Step 4 – Risk mitigation:
The probability of loss can be decreased by implementing loss prevention strategies. Once our advisors understand your business, they can make recommendations that can increase the safety of your employees, reduce the likeliness of a loss, and possibly reduce the premium of your insurance policy.

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