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Ransomware: Three Critical Mitigation Strategies Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals Should Evaluate

By Kurt Thoennessen, CAPI

Most of us are acutely aware of the existence of Ransomware and the devastation it can cause. Since early 2016 there have been about 4,000 attacks daily, which is a 300% increase over the 1,000 daily attacks reported in 2015? The challenge we face is how to ensure we do not become victims of this debilitating threat.

Ransomware is an epidemic that could affect anyone at any time, but there are ways that you can mitigate your exposure to an attack. The person that I lean on for this type of expertise is Paul Viollis, the CEO of Viollis Group International.  He and I spoke recently and he shared the following three strategies that his firm uses to safeguard their clients from ransomware attacks.

  • Cyber Vulnerability Assessments: Conduct an anti-crime centered examination of your network to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses from outside and inside your business's environment.
  • Social Engineering (Phishing) Campaigns: Test your employee’s and family member’s security mindedness on an ongoing basis by using email, phone, and text message scenarios designed to make them think about cyber risks. These regular reminders will empower your employees to make educated decisions and avoid a malware infection.
  • Cyber Education Programs: Conduct employee/family cyber training so that your staff is always aware of the latest techniques, scams, and hacker methods used to attack businesses.

In speaking with Paul, I gained a better understanding of the ransomware threat as well as a clear path to what my firm could do to avoid an attack. Paul’s approach is consultative and thorough and well worth the time for any business. I am including his contact information in this post should you decide that you would like to learn more.

Paul Viollis
Viollis Group International
(212) 315-0088

About the Author

Kurt Thoennessen is Vice President of Ericson Insurance Advisors and a Certified Adviser of Personal Insurance (CAPI). Kurt works with high net worth individuals and family offices across the country to develop and implement personal risk management strategies and insurance programs. He is also the founder of InsureScope.com, a new insurance buying portal designed for owners of luxury homes. Kurt can be reached at (203) 405-2645 or kthoennessen@ericsoninsurance.com.